difficulty falling asleep?

Introducing Our Premium Pillow:


Our HYPERSLEEP premium memory foam pillow is scientifically designed for a superior sleep experience.


Hypersleep Pillow for Athletes by Dreamers Athletics

Cooling & Comfort Technology

Cooling Technology:

  • Thousands of Holes Ventilating Airflow
  • Airflow Guides Relaxation for Faster Sleep

Comfort Technology

  • Advanced Neck Support
  • Adaptive, Pressure Relief Foam Formula
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Compact Design

It is also the biggest non shredded foam pillow on the market standing at a true full size of 28 inches wide, 16 inches deep, 6 inches tall. Even with its size, you can go anywhere with your HYPERSLEEP. Roll it up just like a sleeping bag with our travel drawstring strap backpack, that even has an oversize inner pocket for personal items and cell phones.

Pillow For Athletes



HYPERSLEEP is the largest non-shredded memory foam pillow on the market. True full size of 28 inches wide, 16 inches deep, 6 inches tall.

Pillow & Carrying Case - Travel Pillow for Athletes


Lightweight Bag

The HYPERSLEEP pillow comes with a compact travel bag, that includes a cell phone holder for your convenience.

Travel Pillow for Athletes


Easy Transportation

From the largest non-shredded pillow on the market, to a condensed, easy to transport back pack. No need to worry about fitting this in your suitcase when you're on the road.

Sleep Better. Recover Faster. Perform Your Best.

Experience the benefits of HYPERSLEEP today.